All the Lights of the New Year

by Death by Fireworks

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released April 6, 2017

Jake Russo- electric guitar, acoustic guitar, programming, percussion, vocals

Christopher Harrell- drums, vocals

Daniel King- bass guitar, vocals

Kelsey Russo- vocals

Executive Producers- Frank Russo, Debbie Russo, Cody Fuentes, Kyle Tribbey, Jake Russo

Recording, Editing, Producing- Cody Fuentes at The Panda Studios, Fremont, CA

Mixing, Mastering- Cody Fuentes as Rapture Recordings, Hayward, CA

Photography- Isabela Angus



all rights reserved


Death by Fireworks Livermore, California

We are an indie-rock/pop-punk/singer-songwriter trio based out of the East Bay.

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Track Name: All is Peaceful
These memories, they cut me to the core
Like weapons sharpened for the war
Could we be greater than before, tonight?

My mind, it is spinning till the end
My wounds are waiting for the mend
Is there some peace which you could lend, tonight?

If we end up in the same twin bed tonight
I'll be facing you only in my mind
If we can catch the morning light
All is peaceful in my fathers' house tonight

Oh dear, we were born the wild ones
Running from the calls of firing guns
Do you recall the day it was, that night?
Track Name: I'll Make My Way to Your Heart
I've seen every hollowed road
That leads my feet back home
And now I've learned whats best and true
That I won't rest on indecision
Even if I see you soon

Don't worry, we're safest in the dark
Don't worry, there's no cause for alarm
I'll make my way to your heart

I've seen all kinds of darkness
Oh, I've seen the worst, the hardest
Oh, I've seen the parts that make it true
That there's no sweeter disposition
Than to fall in love with you

My darling, you're the one that's pure
The one with whom my faith's secure
And when I feel the gravity
Of the world and its' depravity
I might, just might leave
My darling won't you leave with me?

And I won't rest on indecision
Even if I see you soon
And there's no sweeter disposition
Than to fall in love with you
Track Name: The Healing
And you're running out of breath
The weight is exponential
Increased with every step
And you can't make it back

It's shadows you're afraid of
When they fall upon your face
When you're blind in blaring sunlight
Replaced with darkened space
And the lights fade to black

I miss the way the light shined off your face at night
I miss the way you took my wrongs and made them right
I miss the way you told me "everything was fine"
But dear, the healing comes in time

Us kids were perfect strangers
In the dark we're holding hands
While this crowd is growing thicker
We're all screaming for the band
Just one more time

And the stage begins to dim
And your fear begins to grow
While this dirge begins to darken
Your lack of faith begins to show
And your hands abandon mine
Track Name: Heaven Becomes a Darker Place
Ain't it strange, the feeling
When you crash against the wall
When the fire and smoke sends you flying
And the pieces begin to fall

Well, it felt exquisite
And as vibrant as it seems
When you ran the red at the intersection
Looking back at me

I was made to fall for you
I was blinded by your grace
If one of us doesn't make it home
Heaven becomes a darker place

Ain't it strange, the feeling
When she gives herself away
When every single motion has its' grace
And her voice wraps around your name

Well, it felt exquisite
All the lights that surround your face
Your golden neon frame hasn't faded
But it's stuck in this awful place

My hands are bleeding now
Tear away this cursed ground
I would dig forever down
So that you might stick around

I was made to fall for you like leaves upon the ground
I was blinded by your grace, I was deafened by your sound
If one of us doesn't make it home and I'm left alone tonight
Heaven becomes a darker place, no I'll never be alright
Track Name: Stay With Us
Take a walk down the stairs, down where the people were found
Soldiers came, guns a-blazed, firing straight into the ground
For what it's worth, I just might give it up under attack
Cus I would give everything just to take everything back

But for you, I have a reason to run
I've found a home where all has been said and done
Cus for you, I would restore my trust
In love, so that you might stay with us

Take a walk down the line, down where the water meets the earth
Cresting waves came in phase, never to be seen or heard
For what it's worth, we just might fade in the water instead
Don't be alarmed by the blaring lights placed up ahead
Track Name: Scared Young Kid
I recall when my loves' hair was long like the summer
And I was a scared young kid
Afraid of the impending changes she eventually did
We were both a trembling mess
When the half-light came that day
She ran off to some far northern country
And I begged "God, make her stay"

I recall when my loves' hair was red like the autumn
Falling down her neck
The bombs were going off in some foreign place
We'd never been
You were crying on the phone
"Oh, where is God in this?"
I could never lift your heavy heart
But I always did my best

I recall when the war hadn't raged on between us
And I was a scared young kid
To be a soldier and to soldier on
What a war it really is
I was young and I was terrified
Of the sadness through which I roam
To be a postcard and to never be
Written out and sent back home
Track Name: All the Lights of the New Year
I would ask you keep me in the dark
Separation of the head and heart
For every time I do my best to find
A new excuse to kill the time

And I come from a place
Where the coast just slips away
From the cliffs and down to the rocks
Where kids are lonely through the day
And do their best to make it through the dark
With nothing to do but talk

And I surround myself, I embrace
Everything that's brought me to this place
And though the times are hard and it's lonely here
I have found the courage not to fear
All the lights of the new year

She's been watching ever since
Waiting for the healing to commence
But how can I find hope and peace within
When my heart is both drunk and a kid?

And I've come to the place
Where I breath my pain away
Through a filter and no one understands
That this is not a cry for help
I am just the captain of a crew
In search of land